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PlanClear Services

Big Data Enterprise Strategy

PlanClear helps you develop a strategic plan for your big data initiatives. The strategic plan incorporates business analysis, strategic framework development, empirical analysis, stakeholder mapping, business value, and all other strategic aspects of big data projects. These services are performed at client site.

Big Data Enterprise Planning

Big Data Planning service includes: 1) Vision Validation: Vision Validation focuses on ensuring that the big data vision is consistent with the shareholder (stakeholder) value maximization, is fully developed, and is crisp. Focused analysis are performed to determine if client’s data management capabilities are fully developed. 2) Tech Stack selection: The technology selection is based upon dividing the big data platform into the common parts and the specialized parts. 3) Tech Lifecycle Planning: PlanClear develops a comprehensive technology lifecycle management plan. 4) Return on Investment is calculated on a given project.

Big Data Project Management

Big Data Project Management services are deployed to manage the big data project in the most efficient and effective manner. Unlike other technology projects, Big Data projects need specialized project management. BDPM services are deployed to ensure project success, efficient allocation of resources, risk management, and targets/goals management.

Big Data Value & Communications Management – Enterprise or Project Specific

PlanClear helps clients develop big data use cases. Building upon our knowledge of years of strategy development and business management experience, PlanClear develops use cases that deliver incremental and significant value. PlanClear has developed over 100 use cases.

Big Data Analysis

PlanClear performs big data analysis to map business goals with software development strategy. PlanClear’s big data analysis uses advanced propriety models to develop a comprehensive and thorough analysis.

Big Data Design Services

PlanClear performs advanced big data design services. Design services include developing reference architecture and mapping the artifacts to develop lower level architecture. PlanClear’s design services are focused on specialized design of big data.

Big Data Implementation

PlanClear Big Data implementation service constitutes providing development support to clients. PlanClear’s specialist consultants work with the client to implement the big data technologies. A senior partner is assigned to the client and held accountable for results. PlanClear assures project success.

Big Data Change Management

Change Management is a critical part of Big Data Implementation. Big Data Change Management services involve implementing a creative engagement and communications strategy. Based upon a propriety model, PlanClear’s change management services ensure smooth and accelerated implementation of big data.

Embedded Value Management:

PlanClear staffs your Value Communications Organization. Our trained consultants know exactly how to launch and bring to speed the critical function of Value Communications in your organization. They apply proprietary core methodology, value relationship planning and execution, function specific measurement schema, communications platform, and other tools to measure and report value.

PlanClear is hired by senior executives, functional heads, boards, CEO office and CFO office to measure, communicate, and manage value creation in companies and agencies.

Technology Value Operational/Financing Value Enablement

We analyze and measure the value of various technology and related initiatives

  • Big Data
  • Data Quality
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Procurement Automation
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Systems including Trading
  • HR Systems

We analyze and measure value-creation from operational improvements

  • Data Management Programs
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Marketing Programs
  • Operational Improvement Programs
  • Supply Chain Programs
  • Risk Management Programs
  • Capital Efficiency Improvement
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Capital Allocation
  • Financing Value Programs
  • HR Management Programs
  • Trading Improvements

We enable clients to measure and showcase value to their stakeholders

  • Sales Support: Enable your customers to see the value creation of your offerings clearly – build a concrete and solid value creation case for them
  • Shareholders: Develop a solid value-creation case for your shareholders
  • Investors and Acquirers: Clearly present the value-creation path for your investors and acquirers
  • Regulators an Conservators: Demonstrate value-creation milestones with confidence

PlanClear enables companies, departments, and organizations to measure and calculate the value creation from corporate initiatives, projects, proposed plans, and technology implementations. Whether from past projects or proposed projects, PlanClear can pinpoint the impact of corporate initiatives.

Examples of uses:

  • Supply Chain organization seeking help to demonstrate value of strategic sourcing and supply chain program
  • Operations department demonstrated the value contribution to its productivity enhancement program
  • Sales organizations using the services to calculate the value impact of proposed sales
  • Trading department measuring the impact of using new models and technology.
  • Technology department: Measuring the value impact of a future state architecture vs. current state architecture
  • Data Management Organization measures the value impact of its data quality, data governance, and MDM program

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