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PlanClear innovates big data – launches Use Case Generator

Washington DC area based company PlanClear is announcing the launch of Big Data Use Case Generator.

With Big Data Use Case Generator, companies can design, test, and validate big data use cases. “Big data program doesn’t have to be a high risk endeavor – keeping in mind that not deploying big data is just as much a risk as doing it unplanned.” said Al Naqvi, CEO of PlanClear. “With PlanClear Use Case Generator companies can now identify and prioritize their big data use cases.”

Big Data technology is expanding the reach and use of information. By using this never-seen-before information, companies are acquiring powerful competitive advantage. Despite the potential embedded in this powerful technology, most companies are approaching big data selectively, experimentally, sporadically, and on an isolated basis. Silos of big data in companies are increasing implementation costs and disabling companies to benefit from a well-planned, coordinated, and holistic approach to big data.

PlanClear’s Use Case Generator will help companies to discover and identify the most important use cases and then prioritize them on the basis of overall strategy and value creation. PlanClear Use Case Generator is designed specifically for big data use cases and is based upon advanced frameworks from neuroscience, linguistics, mathematics, and financial theory.

About PlanClear

PlanClear, the big data company, is the first choice of executives for mission critical big data strategy development, planning, project management, and implementation. PlanClear solves the most acute problems in big data implementation. Based upon the research from multidisciplinary fields including neuroscience, mathematics, linguistics, finance, data sciences, and information technology, PlanClear’s solution suite gives customers the highest return on investment. PlanClear is turning big data into a reality. You can find a lot of useful information on our website at http://www.planclear.com/. To get additional information please contact us at info@planclear.com

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