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PlanClear announces Big Data Strategy Product

PlanClear is announcing the launch of Big Data Strategy tool. This tool is used to develop a comprehensive strategy for big data.

“We are excited to offer a solution that can now enable companies to develop a targeted strategy for big data and link it with the overall company strategy.” said PlanClear’s CEO Al Naqvi. “Now companies can plan a broader big data strategy. Big data has important uses in all industries and all functions but most companies are approaching on a piecemeal basis – and that increases costs and reduces returns. The PlanClear solution will change that.”

PlanClear’s proprietary strategy modeler helps companies develop an overall big data strategy. The strategic plan is approached as a long-term investment plan with the goal of delivering incremental and unexpected profitability in excess of the real and perceived cost of capital. The strategic plan is driven by optimizing costs via identifying and managing common costs for big data infrastructure and by preparing a comprehensive plan that orchestrates various multifunctional use cases over a mid to long-term planning horizon. The PlanClear Big Data strategy modeler walks clients through a systematic process which results in the identification and development of a comprehensive big data strategy.

About PlanClear

PlanClear, the big data company, is the first choice of executives for mission critical big data strategy development, planning, project management, and implementation. PlanClear solves the most acute problems in big data implementation. Based upon the research from multidisciplinary fields including neuroscience, mathematics, linguistics, finance, data sciences, and information technology, PlanClear’s solution suite gives customers the highest return on investment. PlanClear is turning big data into a reality. You can find a lot of useful information on our website at http://www.planclear.com/. To get additional information please contact us at info@planclear.com

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